(Note: the novella "Confessions of a Ghoul" written 31 years ago was not corrected when book came out decades later. The same with the short novel "The Man Who Loved in Light Years" written 36 years ago).



On Amazon in Kindle and paperback.

From the backwoods of a rural Louisiana parish to the decadent French Quarter of New Orleans, this novel details the journeys of two young men through the mysterious, frightening, and unpredictable world of the occult.

One becomes embroiled in a seemingly whimsical world of Southern witchcraft and whammys while the other pursues a legend: the retired and elusive Queen of cult B-horror movies living in uptown New Orleans.

The two stories diverge when life becomes a nightmare for one and the fulfillment of a dream for the other.



A journalist and his slightly problematic 12 yr old son travel to the midwest, to the small town of Templeton, to start a new life after his wife dies from an auto accident. The television station that hires him as a newswriter also hires him to be the kooky midnight horror movie M.C. As they adjust to their new home, they realize that the citizens of this town are neurotic, if not crazy, and the schools there have the highest suicide rate in the country.

There is a sinister rich old family, the Hawkins, who own and run the town. Jim is beginning to think that they could be a supernatural force behind the crazed fear, and he is determined to understand the nature of their hold on everybody in the town. But he soon discovers that some secrets are best left uncovered, as he, his son, and his new lady friend are threatened by opponents that they do not always understand. At the same time they must contend with drunken ex-boyfriends, neighbours with psychic links to other planets, and a neighbour with a murderous past. Moving to Templeton might not have been the best career choice, after all."

On Amazon in Kindle. and Paperback.


Available in paperback at Amazon. Available in Nook at Barnes and Noble for 2.99. On Kindle at Amazon for 99 cents.

Product Details:

Format: Paperback, 160pp.
Publisher: Artema Press
Pub. Date: October 2013

Korn's first horror novel, Rachmaninoff's Ghost (51,000 words). In this eerie and frightening story of a young man who fulfills his greatest dream by turning to the occult, becoming a brilliant pianist brings more than recognition and far less than benevolence.

Even before he is invited to Julliard, Mark begins a slow slide into malevolence that makes him unrecognizable both to himself and those who care for him. He is warned, repeatedly, that he must relinquish the gift he stole before the spirit possessing him composes his last opus. Little does Mark know that he contributes to this process each time he uses the gift. His life is not destined to end in tears but something unspeakably horrifying.
History: Sold to Papercapers, resold to Silverlake Publishing:   Silverlake under new mgt, resold again to Silverlake publishing.

A blandishment about Korn's first horror novel written in the 1980's:

"...Michael Korn has fed upon Poe, Lovecraft and Richly Sinewed Music, but above all upon  himself! I thought the first two-thirds of RACHMANINOFF'S GHOST splendid, but its last third of Jungian nightmare literally took my head off. If Korn's photo is not on the front of TIME magazine, as a result, injustice will sure be done..." -- D.F. Lewis


Skimming the Gumbo Nuclear
Out by Eraserhead Press.

(Available in Paperback, Kindle, Ebook)

Available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

Format: Paperback, 292pp.
ISBN: 0971357269
Publisher: Eraserhead Press
Pub. Date: November  2001

A grand epic wasteland of surreal pandemic plague. Pollution quotient in the southern delta nether regions of the state of Louisiana, the dustbin of the Mississippi river and the nation, whose motto is the "Sportsman's Paradise", a paradisio of colorful denizens all grappling for a slice of lassez bon temps roule, "let the good times roll", but now all are grappling for their very lives. Nature had to fight back sooner or later, and now what will happen to this tourist state gone amuck with middle-ages plague?

ISBN: 0-9713572-6-9 — 292 PAGES . At Amazon.


Science Fiction
400 pages
145,000 words
Publisher: Eraserhead Press

four novels by M. F. Korn

(Available in Kindle, Ebook) OUT OF PRINT IN PAPERBACK.

ORDER at Amazon.com. Or at Barnes and Noble.

A collection of four novels by M F Korn, describing lovesick Philosophy professors, synthetic tramps, abused robots, conmen, robber barons, oilfield and nuclear blue collar workers off-world, schizophrenic aliens, video outlaws, Offworld rednecks, thieves, indentured androids, barflies, pharmaceutical overlords, squatters, smut merchants. Each novel has a separate introduction from one of these writers: D.F. Lewis, Sherry Decker, Jeffrey Thomas, H Chimera (book size: approx 145,000 words).


(A very early first SF novel)

(Disclaimer: this first novel of a four novel omnibus was written 36 years ago and was not looked over enough by me before it was published 13 years ago, probably could have been left out (New Editor's Note: in retrospect, with the exception of slightly lurid first chapter of a debauched, drugged and bent college prof fascinated by watching favorite holograph sitcom of college coed and irreverent parents, this novel of wandering, lost adults is rather tame in that nothing prurient occurs throughout the rest of the novel, not even an embrace.))

In a time where a gov-drug addicted citizenry on Terra and the rest of closer known space are fascinated by infinite partitions of Teenage Angst holo-sitcom pablum, a burned out Prof decides to focus his attention on a senior theatre major in his class at Proteus college, an odd phenomenon of a person, through Known Space, a person with massive traces of mutant pheromones. Hudson follows her until he ends up on a series of gossip -stalker networks filmed by small drone probes, good entertainment for billions of bored Terran viewers throughout the system. A juvenile effort, this very early first SF novel was written as soft (SF) surreal techno-fantasy.

Introduction by D.F. Lewis.



Cinema is illegal, either by crudely projecting an image, video, or post-post digital -- all movie stars and celebrities were purged long ago-- Every citizen has his own television show daily. If a citizen's show gets too popular on the realm, a massive enclave of gov censors cancel that citizen's show for a while. It is the New Age of Equality - Everyone is his own recursive celebrity. Paul Roberts, a gov archivist, with a masters in the history of game shows, discovers a moldy document about the Great Purge that turns him into a fugitive, a vid outlaw hiding out near the architrave of seedy leaking Theme Parks on Mars among the worn simulacra of W C Fields, Bob Hope that are indentured to entertain the Terran tourists on vacation. Introduction by Jeffrey Thomas.



Droves of Terran shrinks are shuttled in far space to treat a species of dying schizophrenic alien. Brister is one of thousands of psychiatrists sent to Xenode from Earth to study the melancholy metacognitive species. Huxley Pharmaceuticals has a miracle drug that may stave off the illness. Word has it that a monolithic company has spawned the pandemic by dumping massive amounts of hallucinogenics in the planet's system. Introduction by Sherry Decker of an early novel.



Surreal Alien Exploitation - Something new for the millions of grunts to watch on the outerbelt mining planets -- but could the marketers conquer the Terran pay-per-view market? It is a time when the Earth is swept by the "Modern Jezus" Movement, and it's grotesque founder, the Reverend Cyborg, a hillbilly ex-drug-runner-turned prophet after his outlaw ship crashed on the lunar surface. Entertainment merchant Hans Bendixon and all the other New Hollywood studios on Mars are desperate to win over a newly puritanical Earth in the Pay-per view markets. Even if it means using a previously unknown species of the lusterous sexual Tryphen indigenous to a small moon of a gaseous planet in a far-off sector. Scientific studies have shown that these creatures have a rather strange hypno-sexual-erotic effect on humans. A manned probe is sent to film them as background for the Fall Lineup of Infinite Spice Channel Pay-Per-View shows. Intro by M Philbin.

--------------------------------------------- -------
Four novels by M. F. Korn
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The Man Who Loved in Light Years (a very early first SF novel): A drug-addled philosophy professor follows a pheromoned senior Theatre major from his college through known space.
Movietone Mars: Cinema is illegal—Movie stars purged—everyone has his own television show.
Tilting Planet (The Trouble with Xenodes): Terran shrinks sent to cure schizophrenic artistic alien race, but who caused the outbreak?
Galactic Smut Merchants: Alien pay-per-view –something new for grunts on mining planets—But could they conquer the Terran pay-per-view market?

Confessions of a Ghoul and Other Stories


Format: Paperback, 122pp.
ISBN: 1931095175
Publisher: Silver Lake Publishing
Pub. Date: January  2001

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Introduction by D. F. Lewis Cover art by Lawrence D. P. Miller Horror Collection 120 pages 50,000 words of stories and a novella that was written 31 years ago (in the novella some glaring errors were never corrected when book was published decades later).


Aliens, Minibikes and Other Staples of Suburbia

Format: Paperback, 114pp.
ISBN: 1931095272
Publisher: Silver Lake Publishing
Pub. Date: January  2001

Out at Amazon. Available at Barnes and Noble
"While reading, you'll be picked up and dropped straight into your own history while visiting various, imaginary neighborhoods...It's nostalgia at its finest."
--Sherry Decker, from the Introduction 

"M. F. Korn's richly detailed, highly idiosyncratic portraits of America call to mind a Bradbury on magic mushrooms...he's a Norman Rockwell speaking in tongues with a voodoo doll in one hand and a flaming paintbrush in the other."        --Jeffrey Thomas, author of Punktown 

Speculative Fiction Collection 114 pages 47,000 words



by Cosmic Eyeball Press


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Cover art by Rafael Maza
Horror and Science Fiction Collection
ISBN 1-4116-4129-9
Cosmic Eyeball Press
270 pages
80,451 words

Thirty Four Stories of Horror and Science Fiction
* DF Lewis - Winner of the British Fantasy Award and 1500 stories, editor, Nemonymous
* M Philbin - author of 100 stories and several novels
* David Mathew - former reviewer, Interzone, author, several novels, 400 stories
* MF Korn - Louisiana author of twelve novels and 240 short stories

The Less Fashionable Side of the Galaxy
by M. F. Korn, D. F. Lewis, and H
Chimera $2.25, 24 pages


From Eraserhead Press.
Three masters of bizarre speculation combine
talents to create five experimental tales of insane fiction. Featuring M. F. Korn, author of Skimming the Gumbo Nuclear, H Chimera, author of SZMONHFU, and the king of the weirdmongers, D. F. Lewis.




The White Trash Witches' Coven

 Tanjen Ltd, Paperback, April, 99: CANCELED. Sold to Gargadillo, CANCELED. SOLD. Even Shakespeare had his "Pericles"...







Movietone Mars: Hartwick Electronic Press, 1994
Translated into Russian after was sold to Baziat Literary Agency in 1993, Russia CANCELED. 

The Trouble with Xenodes (Tilting Planet), serialized, Weird Stories

The Man Who Loved in Light Years: first sf novel, written in 1982

Galactic Smut Merchants, Tanjen, Ltd. paperback, 2000


Alone Against a Revolution

Golden Meteorite Press,
hardback, 1997, Library Binding - 89 pages (August 1, 1996) Golden Meteorite Press Limited; ISBN: 1895385539








Stygian Relics of the Lachrymose

Golden Meteorite Press, limited edition. 1998 Hardback collection of short stories:  Library Binding - 178 pages (January 1, 1998) Golden Meteorite Press Limited; ISBN: 1895385636







The Spectral Carnival Show and Other Stories

Golden Meteorite Press, 1998, limited edition,  Library Binding - 140 pages (January 1, 1998) Golden Meteorite Press Limited; ISBN: 189538561X






Pavane for a Scream Queen, SOLD.


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  • Fear On Demand Podcast Edited by Sidney Williams
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  • Story Podcast on No Sleep Audio


  • Eleven volumes of Epistolary Discourse

  • A screenplay, "The Revival Theatre"

  • A screenplay, "Orpheus Descending"

  • Best Stories of the Year by P L Mag, 1998

  • Honorable Mention by the Soft Science Fiction Writers Association
    for story "The Old Man and the Cyborg" , 1996

  • Won a category of Killer Frog Contest, approx. 1992

  • Best Stories of the Year by P L Mag, 1990

  • During College, wrote Science Fiction novella, now lost mss

  • Wrote numerous stories for High School Literary Magazine, now lost

  • Wrote novelettes as a teen, now all mss lost